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Making communication ultra simple. Backed by cutting edge artificial intelligence, parallelling the best in world.

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Ab bolega India!

An app that provides millions of Indian a platform to talk.

Feature One

Why resort to the keyboard, for chatting? Talk into your phone, and click send!

Feature Two

Received a chat message? Read it. Or, listen to it! Your choice.

Feature Three

Tough to walk and message-chat at the same time, right? Not anymore! Speak out your message on the phone and send, it will reach the person both as text and voice!

In your mother languge

Speak in Hindi, Punjabi, Bangla, English and many more. Now the whole of India can send messages without typing, in the language of their choice!.

Feature Five

Cant spare the time to immediately read a message? Say, it could be urgent! Just listen to the message in a jiffy!

Feature six

Do your parents find it difficult to type a message?. Gappi is for them too. They can send their message just by speaking.


App Screenshots

A sneek peek into the future voice platform of millions of Indians..

The Team

Creating the awesome

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Amitoj Cheema


Amitoj, formerly CTO of GrexIt Inc., has earned his stripes while working with several startups. He graduated in Electrical engineering from IIT Delhi.

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Nikhil Jha


A graduate from IIT Kharagpur, Nikhil concentrate on strategy, growth and sales. He has worked with several startups based both in India and Silicon valley.

Liv Artificial Intelligence

The team that provides world class technology backbone.

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Kishore Mundra

Liv AI

With more than 10 years of experience in software product development, Kishore manages technology at Liv.ai. A seasoned leader and manager, Kishore has a B.Tech & M.Tech in Computer Science from IIT KGP.

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Subodh Kumar

Liv AI

Subodh has donned multiple hats, from an engineer with Microsoft to being quant trader and an investment banker at Citigroup. He has a B.Tech (CSE) from IIT KGP and an MBA from IIM Bangalore.

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Sanjeev Kumar

Liv AI

Sanjeev has published more than 10 peer-reviewed papers and has 7 granted/pending US patents in field of Machine Learning. He holds a MS and a PhD in from University of California and a B.Tech from IIT KGP.

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